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A Brief History of Our Skin and How it Started.

Hello everyone, my name is Marie Charles, and I am the one behind Our Skin skincare & Soaping Company. I have always had a heart for business and people I graduated from SNHU with a bachelor's in business and accounting. I am a mother of two beautiful boys ages 9 and 19.  Married my wonderful husband, Christian, for 20 years, who happened to be my high school sweetheart. I’ve worked in the retail industry for over 24 years. My parents like to joke about having a soccer team because there are 12 of us children that they have together. I personally was raised by my aunt who is my father’s sister, and only sister. My family is originally from Haiti, but I grew up here in the state of Florida I live in Orlando, Naples Florida in Palm Beach County. I’ve been in the state since I was five years old.

Now what made me decide to get into the skincare industry? Well, it’s a long story. As a teenager, I always had issues with my skin whether it was dry skin, combination skin, overly sensitive skin, it was patchy, dry, itchy, dark spots, acne, you name I’ve experienced it. When I turned 18, I was able to inquire about healthcare insurance through my job.  which allowed me to discover more about skin, seeing a dermatologist help me discover and pique my interest in the skincare industry. I discovered that I have a skin condition called atopic dermatitis which can be hereditary, environmental, contact, and other. Oh! and I have psoriasis. Which was a clear indicator of why I would scratch my skin at night restlessly and bleed on my bed sheets. 

I used to buy all sorts of body ointments, body cream lotions, and all sorts of cosmetic treatments that I used to relieve itchiness. None of them seem to work, so I remember getting prescriptions for atopic oil that contains steroids Which provided me some relief, but just temporary.


Before and After using Our Skin Products

In 2013 I gave birth to a beautiful boy Nathan who is now nine a few months later I discovered that Nathan also suffered from eczema. And discovering that my son had atopic dermatitis, I wanted to help him with the sensation that he had to itch his skin and scratch. I wanted to stop that, so I enlisted a company to help me make some skin care products then I went on to create my own body, butter, and soaps that were all natural vegan-based products with no animal by-products in them that can help my child and myself, I also thought that other people that suffer from this is over 200 million people in the united states alone but I might be able to be a service to them also.


As for the name our skin it came from just us thinking about what’s the problem and who has the skin issues. What type of skin do we have what is different about our skin? We named the products our skin because many people that suffer from atopic dermatitis Eith have sensitive skin or extremely dry skin. Who experience atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, psoriasis, and rosacea.



Our skin launched our first skincare line in 2020 Enchanting, shortly we released our luxury body butter. Then we were asking if we can create soaps and body scrubs by 2021, we add many other products to our online store.  We want everyone to have skin that they are confident with and show off as much. 

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